The Most Popular People

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come visit to see

be a part of the progress to this brand new community!

TMPP’s goal is to help SecondLife residents become land owners without the need for a premium account. We also strive to provide MORE for LESS.

MORE prims for LESS linden L$!

Paired with high performance, lag free land with FULL RIGHTS to change settings (land name, description, music, access, etc).

You also have the option to Buy For Group

Share land ownership with ❤friends and family❤ at no additional cost.

What are you waiting for?! Buy from TMPP for the BEST!

Here is a list of what we have for sale today!


TMPP – Clouds [Unit 1] – 12800 sqm with 5859 prims L$ 3,124 per week

TMPP – Clouds [Unit 2] 16384 sqm 7500 prims L$ 3,999 per week


TMPP – Clouds [Unit 7] – 1024 sqm with 468 prims L$ 1,029 per week

TMPP – Clouds [Unit 10] – 1024 sqm with 468 prims L$ 527 per week

TMPP – Clouds [Unit 6] – 4096 sqm with 1875 prims L$ 1,029 per week

TMPP – Clouds [Unit 4] – 4096 sqm with 1875 prims L$ 1,029 per week


TMPP – Holy [Unit H1B] 8192 3750 prims L$ 2,000 per week

TMPP – Holy [Unit H2] 16384 7500 prims L$ 3,999 per week


Please visit where there is booth / business space land rental that is surrounding a huge event park.

AFK, SecondLife’s newest art, fashion, and shopping lovers community.

AFK shopping Event!

Set up a shop today! For now, we are offering a store space at the rate of:

512 sqm with 234 prims for L$ 234 per week.


Please visit and see your new home, business location, roleplay, etc.!

Own land without the need to have premium membership!

No need to join a group to be able to rent land.

Have full power over your land.

High quality performance boosted land with no lag.

Paste this link in Nearby Chat to join The Most Popular People Group:


~ I am Lil Cloud <—> add me in world let’s be friends!! ~

Thank you for your visit and your support xo!